gioia family

Antique and noble family who had his origins in Amalfi.

First traces of the family are in 1250 with the navigator Flavio Gioia, presumed inventor of the compass.In seventeenth century, a branch of the family moved to Corato where it owned many properties and where it could increase trade relations with the East

The Gioia family , for the high moral and intellectual qualities was always held in high esteem and respect by the nobility as well by the populace to whom brought a great social and civil contribution.

Family's Stemmma


Nicola Gioia (on the right photo), great-grandfather of the current owners, was knight of the Sovereign Order of Malta, commandator of the Crown of Italy and since1850 to 1859, mayor of Corato . He married Vittoria Pappalepore Nicolai of the marquises of Canneto
Thanks to his prompt intelligence, love for agriculture and a great administrative competence, he greatly increased the family heritage

Vito Gioia, son of Nicola, at the death of his father was only 18 years old, but, despiting his young age, he was able to successfully complete his law studies and at the same time administer the many assets inherited from his father. With his keen intelligence he managed to bring further and significant improvements to land ownership (proprieta’ terriere) and as great supporter of viticulture, he devoted himself to winemaking and wine production, for which he won several important  awards.

His wife Rosa Capano Gioia, enlisted in the body of the Red Cross during the First World War, was decorated with the gold medal for military valor, because under the bombardments, contemptuous of the danger, she managed to save numerous soldiers.



Photo by Nicola Gioia

pasanisi family

Villa Gioia, currently owned by the Pasanisi family who inherited it from their mother Vittoria Gioia, daughter of Vito, It has recently been restored but despite being equipped with modern comforts, it maintains its style and its characteristics intact.

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Villa gioia LOCATION

Villa Gioia is a 5-minute drive from Corato, a nice town with several typical shops and restaurants. Bari International Airport is only a 20-minute drive away as well the main station of Barletta where ES trains stop. The sea is 12 km away and is easily reachable in 10 minutes by car.


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